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Message from the Principal to students and parents:


We  believe in multifaceted development of each and every student. We aim to foster a love for learning, good working habits, the ability to analyse and solve problems, excellent academic standards, high moral, social and cultural values, mutual respect and understanding.

Saif Tyabji Girls' Pre-primary and Primary School is a School with high academic standards, exciting extra-curricular activities and a commitment to the ethical and spiritual growth of our students. The guiding principle of saif tyabji primary is that students are rewarded for positive achievement rather than accumulation of errors. The school encourages not just the acquisition of knowledge but also the development of oral and practical skills, the use of initiative to solve problems, application of skills, knowledge and understanding. The students also develop the ability to undertake individual projects and work as part of a team.

The training methodology includes besides classroom lectures, creative debates, group discussions and presentations. We believe in developing every child’s talent. The syllabus, the programme material, the teaching methodology and the examination papers are all provided and assessed ensuring quality standards. It is also backed by an uncompromising commitment to maintain the highest standards of reliability and integrity.